Our Menu


King Platter 39.99
A true feast for a King! Contains eight varieties of our top tapas including Tilapia and Crispy Fried Prawns.
Queen Platter 22.99
An Assortment Of Selected Papa Js Meat specialities. Gourmet Platter.
Seafood Platter 22.99
A feast For Seafood Lovers, a platter to share with 4 Varieties of fish including Tiger Prawns. Great sharing for 2+ people.
Vegetable Platter 15.99
4 varieties of Papa Js speciality vegetarian tapas.

Lamb Tapas

Chilli Lamb 9.99
Some like it hot. Another Papa Js creation that starts as a pot roast leg of lamb, then coated and tossed in a wok to finish, completely unique and will quickly earn its stripes as a favourite .
Crispy Lamb 9.99
By popular demand. Well marinated and perfect for those patrons who like it hot, crispy with a little crunch.


Chatpata Wings 7.99
We are renowned for this dish our No 1 seller, a must try. A balanced preparation finished in a wok and tossed in our secret sauce.
Ginger Wings 7.99
Our chefs were challenged to produce this wonderful dish that will undoubtedly challenge our chatpata domination.
Honey Wings 7.99
Succulent pieces of chicken wings tossed in BBQ sauce with honey, perfect for our younger patrons.
Dahi Wings 7.99
Another speciality, wings tossed in a special yoghurt preparation with a light masala dressing , perfect for our younger folks.
Papa Js Sesame Wings 8.49
Completely new, created from scratch a tangy sweet and sour preparation that is irresistible.
Atomic Wings 10.99
Mighty hot with mind blowing chilli heat . A chilli head special *you may be asked to sign a disclaimer!
Piri Piri Wings 6.99
A flat wing version, crispy and hot in our famous piri piri sauce.
Crispy Fried Wings 6.99
Another variation of flat wings made crispy.

Chicken Tapas

Soya Chicken 7.49
Cubes of Chicken tossed with garlic and soya bean - a house speciality.
Chilli Chicken Dry 7.49
Cubed Chicken tossed in a wok. A great accompaniment as a tapas dish with your favourite tipple.
PJs Chicken Delicious 7.49
Cubed Chicken Breast with mouth watering fresh white garlic sauce poured over just before serving. It is simply delicious and an automatic choice.
Chicken Popcorn 7.49
Chicken strips with a special coating. Great as Tapas to accompany drinks and for those younger Papa Js patrons.
Chicken Mongolian 8.49
Strips of Chicken tossed with fenugreek and peanut, a house speciality. A hit with our regulars.
Chicken 65 8.49
Spicy Pan fried cubed and tempered with chilli and curry leaves. A yoghurt based sauce.


Masala Chips 4.99
An Indian twist on a great British favourite with liberal lashing of lemon and chilli seasoning.
Aaloo tikki 5.99
Potato fritters on a bed of Chick Peas with yoghurt and fresh chutney - a traditional favourite.
Veg Samosas 3.99
Needs no introduction a deep fried vegetarian pastry shell filled with spicy veg and served with chutney.
Spicy Potato Bhajia 6.99
An all time classic as well as a favourite crispy fried potato slices. Enjoyed as a snack served with chutney.
Chilli Dry Mogo (Cassava) 6.95
Mogo fried and served in the classic fashion just seasoned with salt and chilli.
Chilli Garlic Mogo (Cassava) 6.99
Special preparation with Chilli Garlic powder served with our Chilli Sauce.
Veg Manchurian 7.49
P Js favourite and popular dish, vegetarian balls tossed in a wok to finish off to a succulent product. You won't believe its not meat!
Chilli Paneer 7.49
Few carry the mantle for this product and we are renown. Have not changed the recipe from day one . Papa Js no1 dish enjoyed by all
Paneer Tikka 7.49
Cubes of Paneer, marinated in a tangy sauce, skewered with green pepper, tomato, onion and finished in Tandoor.
Chilli Garlic Mushroom 7.25
Button mushrooms prepared in a special spicy chatpata garlic sauce.
Potato 65/Gobi (Cauliflower) 6.95
Prepared in the classic favourite style enjoyed by our loyal and regular patrons.
Bhindi Kurkuri 5.99
Deep fried okra seasoned with Masala Chilli and salt. Crispy and moorish - absolute hit as a Tapas.
Paneer Mongolian 7.49
Pan fried with Garlic, peanuts and fresh Herbs.
Fried Chips /Saute Potatoes 4.25
Side dish for our younger patrons.


Ginger Crab 17.95
Soft Shell Crab in our chef's own chatpata sauce.
Fish Mongolian 9.95
Small pieces of flaky fish artfully tossed with fenugreek and peanut, a house speciality. A hit with our regulars.
Chilli Wala Prawns 11.99
Prawns tossed in a wok and cooked hot for our patrons who love their Prawns spicy and crispy.
Fish Amritsari 8.99
Deep fried fish chunks with liberal flavour of ajwain spice. A North Indian delicacy and a must have.
Crispy Fried Prawns 11.99
The classic Prawn dish that is a favourite too.
Garlic Squid 8.99
A new dish on the menu, lightly tossed with Garlic marinade.


Chicken Curry with Potato 9.99
A Chicken curry that has potato added to it and this delivers a memorable dish.
Chicken Chettinadu 7.99
Cubes of chicken breast cooked in Madras style. A South Indian speciality by Papa Js.
Chicken Korma 7.99
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a rich cashew and coconut based gravy.
Chicken Tikka Masala 7.99
No menu is complete without this great British favourite. This dish is prepared in Papa Js own style creamy and delicious.
Murgh Kalimirch 7.99
Chicken cooked in a black pepper flavoured gravy. The Mother of our Chef's signature dishes, you must try at least once. A North Indian speciality by Papa Js.
Chefs Special selections 9.95
We cook to demand a curry variation that may not be on our menu and we will endeavour to please.


Seabass 13.99
A whole Seabass pan fried with light seasoning to deliver a wholesome fish course.
King Prawn Masala/Chetinad 16.99
Cooked in whatever variation you prefer. Both base gravies are thick, creamy and delicious.
Fish Masala 10.99
Marinated Fish with mild spices infused in a mild gravy. Our Fish is from trusted reliable suppliers and delivered from a sustainable source.
Prawn Masala/Chetinad 9.95
Chetinad describes the cuisine of Madras (South India). This dish perfectly represents the speciality of the province, cooked with curry leaf.

Tandoori Grilled Specialities

Masala Lamb Chops 3Pcs 10.85
Spicy and succulent , long marinade to achieve the tenderness and deep flavours.
Lamb Tikka 10.49
Cubed Lamb Tikka hot and spicy marinated to perfection and tender pieces of lamb.
Mutton Seekh Kebab 6.99
An all time favourite - Skewered lamb mince kebab.
King Prawns 3Pcs 15.49
King Prawns marinated in Garlic and Spices then grilled to perfection.
Achari Murgh Tikka 7.49
A special preparation of Chicken coated in Achar ( mango pickle) delivering a mouth watering dish.
P Js Tandoori Chicken (Half) 6.89
Chicken Tandoor with no artificial colour added. Wholesome fresh and succulent.
P Js Tandoori Chicken (Full) 12.49
Chicken Tandoor with no artificial colour added. Wholesome fresh and succulent.
P Js Chicken Tikka 7.49
Boneless chicken skewered and flavoured with spices, a classic favourite for everyone.
P Js Fish Tikka 8.49
A popular fish dish. Succulent pieces of fish marinated in yoghurt, herbs and gentle spices, cooked over charcoal.


Lamb Curry on the Bone 10.99
Speciality for the connoisseurs who enjoy delicately cooked lamb with it's bone marrow for the extra flavour.
Lamb Rogan josh 10.49
Kashmiri delicacy, cubes of Lamb cooked in tomato and onion based gravy. All time favourite. Do not be alarmed by the oil as this is Rogan!
Lamb Kolhapuri 10.49
New! We are proud to present this Maharastrian dish renowned for its strong flavours, infused with dry red chillies, hot yet very tasty.
Saag Gosht/Daal Gosht 10.49
Tender pieces of lamb cooked with either spinach puree or lentils, creating a smooth creamy gravy.
Lamb Curry with Silgum 10.49
This is new Lamb cooked slowly with Silgum (turnip) producing a tender tasty Lamb curry.

Classic Vegetarian Favourites

Paneer Butter Masala 7.25
Cubes of fresh Paneer cheese made in a rich butter and tomato based gravy.
Veg Chetinadu 7.25
Cubes of fresh paneer cooked in Chetinadu style a favourite amongst our south Indian patrons.
Aloo Gobi Adraki 6.99
Potato and cauliflower cooked in its special home made gravy, liberally tempered with ginger.
Aloo Methi Mutter 7.25
Another vegetable dish combo that works beautifully - Potato and Peas ?perfect with Methi masala to bind.
Bhindi Do Pyaza 7.99
Okra in an onion gravy to lift the best flavours of this dish
Channa Masala 6.50
A Punjabi favourite. Chick Peas cooked in a Punjabi styled gravy
Mix Veg Curry 6.99
Vegetables of the day combined and cooked to deliver a delicious curry.
Palak Paneer 7.25
Paneer cooked with spinach puree, with cubes of fresh tomato.
Baby Corn Mushroom Masala 7.95
A combo dish of Vegetables that mix extremely well complementing flavours to deliver a delicious curry.

New Exotica Vegetables

Karela Rings (Bitter Gourd) 8.49
A vegetable that is prepared as rings and cooked in a scratch gravy. Very special, pundits rave about its health properties.
Okra (lady fingers) 8.49
Probably a vegetable you will recognise but in a curry it is delicious we will cook it to perfection as we want you to love it as much as we do!
Tindora with Potatoes 8.49
Don?t thank us if you love this as the combination is simply divine
Vaal with aubergines 8.49
Vaal is fresh Green lentils and cooked as a combo with aubergine which compliments the dish with its extra layer
Surti papdi 8.49
Tender papdi beans cooked with the pod actually intact you will love the crunchy texture and taste

Lentil Favourites

Black Daal (Makhani) 5.99
Punjabi style black lentils tempered with garlic, ginger and butter for a rich creamy finish
Tadka Daal 5.99
Yellow lentils cooked with fresh herbs tempered with garlic, cumin and chilli. An all time favourite and a must on every table
Moong Daal (new) 6.99
Green lentils very nutritious and a tasty curry. A departure from your usual speciality.
Rajma (Red Kidney Beans) 7.29
A creamy and tasty curry that?s umami once tried becomes a staple. Indian kids will travel round the globe to eat Moms made Rajma! No exaggeration

Bread & Sundries

Fresh Made Raita 2.99
Green Salad 2.99
Tossed Salad 2.99
Onion/Tomato Salad 2.99
Green Chilli Flash Fried 2.99
Slit whole green chillies flash fried and seasoned with salt
Peshwari Naan 3.49
Kheema Naan 3.49
Plain Naan 1.99
Butter Naan 2.29
Garlic Naan 2.99
Cheese Naan 2.99
Cheese and Garlic Naan 3.29
Laccha Paratha 2.99
Aloo Paratha 2.99
Chilli Naan 2.99
Cheese and Chilli Naan 3.29
Chilli & Garlic Naan 3.29
Fresh Roti 1.75
Plain Papadum 1.00
Massala Papadum 1.75
Roasted Papadum 1.15
Peanut Masala 4.99
A bowl of peanuts fried and then tossed in a kachumber salad with chopped onion and lemon dressing.

Biriyani and Rice Favourites

Lamb Biriyani 10.99
All our biriyani dishes are served with Fresh made Raita and Saalan (Biriyani Sauce speciality)
Chicken Biriyani 10.99
All our biriyani dishes are served with Fresh made Raita and Saalan (Biriyani Sauce speciality)
Vegetable Biriyani 10.49
All our biriyani dishes are served with Fresh made Raita and Saalan (Biriyani Sauce speciality)
Plain white rice 3.49
Boiled White Rice
Chicken Fried Rice 5.49
Always a favourite that often complements Indian dishes so well
Veg Fried Rice 5.49
For the Vegetarians
Mushroom Fried Rice 5.79
This is classic and tasty must try
Egg Fried Rice 5.79
Popular Favourite
Pulao Rice 4.50
Simple rice tempered with light seasoning
Jeera Rice 4.50
A must with Meat Curries as the cumin works to enhance the flavours.
Keema Pulao 9.95
A fried Rice dish tossed with a tasty Mince curry delivering a complete meal almost. Very moorish and memorable
Boiled plain Rice 3.49
Plain white rice